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#Notalone – World Meeting on Human Fraternity, organized by the Fratelli tutti Foundation, is inspired by the Encyclical Fratelli tutti and will share an opportunity to foster fraternity and social friendship among individuals and peoples as an antidote to the many forms of violence and wars around the world.

The meeting will take place on Saturday 10th June at 4 p.m. in St. Peter’s Square. It will combine experiences, artistic performances and dialogue: participate, share, and spread are the three verbs at the heart of the event.

About thirty Nobel Peace Prize laureates will issue the Declaration of Human Fraternity; more than three hundred girls and boys, representing all States, will form the embrace of peace along the Bernini colonnade; we will be connected with about ten squares around the world, so that different places on the planet can share and spread experiences of fraternity.

Join in, we are waiting for YOU!

Declaration of Human Fraternity drafted by more than 30 Nobel Peace Prize laureates

Symbolic embrace by young people from all over the world

Fraternity contest with schools


On the morning of 10th June, several working groups promoted by Nobel Peace Prize laureates, poor people, environmental experts, associations, students, will meet to share and submit a fraternity proposal in the afternoon


The Meeting intends to present possible alternatives based on dignity and justice. Among the themes addressed is ecology, which is conceived by Pope Francis in a holistic form. Everything is related: the gestures of society impact the environment and the quality of human life


The garden, the background image of the day, is a microcosm of harmony that women and men are called upon to populate, water, inhabit and care for. All participants will be given seeds to plant, with the promise to bring next year the flower that will blossom

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