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Testimony of the Fratelli tutti Foundation to the scouts of the Agesci Scafati 1 group

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  • Wednesday 29 May, Cattedra of Saint Peter – Here is the text of the testimony of the mission of fraternity that a collaborator of the Fratelli tutti Foundation brought to the scouts of the Agesci Scafati 1 group, which this year celebrates 100 years of presence in the Campania region.

    “In the jungle Chil says “we are of the same blood little brother, you and I” to make Mowgli understand the closeness between himself, a vulture, and the man cub.

    Mowgli grows up in a wolf pack, his community, his family, his four den brothers, Mama Wolf and Father Wolf. He is therefore surrounded by figures who share the same ways of doing and thinking.

    In the E/G branch, the patrol is the nucleus in which cohesion between people is most experienced. One dreams together to look for great adventures to do also with the entire unit.

    In the R/S branch we recognise each other as brothers on the road, during the routes, accepting the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the R/S community.

    Then in the scoutmasters’ community we confront each other and witness this unique relationship of genuine fraternity.

    It is not by chance that leaders are called older brothers.

    This is how the Scout movement offers experiences of NETWORKING: we are brothers because we have the same values represented by a single promise and uniform.

    We want to leave the world a little better than we found it.

    The Fratelli tutti Foundation is very similar to the scout movement. It is a bit of a cradle that offers experiences by working on projects in three main areas:

    -art and faith: the Lectio Petri – meetings in which the secular world and the Christian world discuss current issues based on the letters of Peter, and the video mapping of 2022.

    -training: the School of Arts and Crafts – a hybrid project Foundation-Fabbrica of St. Peter that offers young people the opportunity to ‘get their hands dirty’ by learning the old crafts right in St. Peter’s Basilica.

    -dialogue: the Synodal Jubilee Journeys – a series of meetings on the major themes of the Encyclical Fratelli tutti in view of next year’s Jubilee, and the World Meeting on Human Fraternity – the annual event that focuses on the ultimate theme ‘FRATERNITY’, declined in various spheres of each person’s life.

    This year the World Meeting on Human Fraternity was entitled #BEHUMAN and took place in Rome with round tables located throughout the city.
    We invited over 30 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and high-level authorities:
    -Eric Leroy Adams, Mayor of NY
    -Bill Nelson, Administrator of NASA
    -Roberto Vecchioni
    -Luciano Spalletti
    -Francesca Fagnani, etc.

    You can find everything on the Fratelli tutti Foundation’s social accounts (Instagram, Facebook and X) and on the website

    The Foundation therefore aims to bring together as many people as possible to realise the dream of a world of peace and fraternity.

    A better world, together.

    As a wise man said:
    ‘…look far,
    and even when you think you are looking far,
    look even further away!’.

    The Fratelli tutti Foundation does this.
    We do this: we look far.”